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BobsBox's News

Posted by BobsBox - June 30th, 2013

My first front page post to bring some awesome (well, awesome for me anyway) news that I hope you all can appreciate!

With our first submission to newgrounds scoring a respectable 3.4ish out of five, we decided to settle down and crack on with our next project, Just Game.

However, as our sound guy is currently away we decided on extracting a small minigame from the final product (as we down right loved it!), hence Just Rotate was born! Not only is it our second submission to this wonderful site but it's marked our first Newgrounds milestone by earning us our very first medal! In addition to this it had just had it's 1000th score submitted to the leaderboard today and well, we couldn't be happier!

This post is just to thank you all for your support and hoping that many more people can continue to enjoy our games! Can't wait to bring you all our next big project, hope you will look out for more stuff by us in the future!

The Bobsbox Team

Missed the game? Catch it here!

Posted by BobsBox - June 24th, 2013

Evening All!

Bobsbox here to announce the release of our second game!

After our first big project settled down at a 3/5 score (higher than expected!), we are happy to get the boost and determination we need to get our second big project underway, in the meantime though I thought it might be nice to bring you a little mini-game to keep our face on the map until our next release is ready.

Complete with medals and leaderboards all you need to do is just rotate.


Posted by BobsBox - June 11th, 2013

Good afternoon all,

"Bobsbox here to bring you some breaking news. Reports have been released etailing that a new fertilizer company, who's name can not yet be disclosed have been questioned on the release of their new product which is said to cause adverse effects to the commonist of veegtables (and some fruits)."

In short, I am very proud to announce that our first submission to newgrounds is now in it's final stages of testing and is due for relase this Friday, I am very excited to bring you all our first project, the Vegageddon.

Coming This Friday... The Vegageddon!

Posted by BobsBox - May 10th, 2013

Evening All!

Proud to announce that as of 10/05/13 Bobsbox has hit Newgrounds.com!

It was always my dream in high school and through to college to be a games developer, unfortunatley life gets in the way and you must buckle down and get a real job... Figures...!

However, you can't let the dreams die out! As such Bobsbox is launched! Soon we will be bringing you the very best (or at least an acceptable standard) in flash games, our first two projects are currently underway, so be sure to watch this space for future developments!

Thanks for the warm welcome Newgrounds, happy to be here!