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Entry #4

1000 Score Submits And Daily 5th!?

2013-06-30 12:35:38 by BobsBox

My first front page post to bring some awesome (well, awesome for me anyway) news that I hope you all can appreciate!

With our first submission to newgrounds scoring a respectable 3.4ish out of five, we decided to settle down and crack on with our next project, Just Game.

However, as our sound guy is currently away we decided on extracting a small minigame from the final product (as we down right loved it!), hence Just Rotate was born! Not only is it our second submission to this wonderful site but it's marked our first Newgrounds milestone by earning us our very first medal! In addition to this it had just had it's 1000th score submitted to the leaderboard today and well, we couldn't be happier!

This post is just to thank you all for your support and hoping that many more people can continue to enjoy our games! Can't wait to bring you all our next big project, hope you will look out for more stuff by us in the future!

The Bobsbox Team

Missed the game? Catch it here!


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2013-06-30 16:37:20

Congrats and good luck with future work!